Welcome the to Road to Leadership!

Road to Leadership is dedicated to the study of leadership. The leader’s path is not always an easy one, but with little insight and a little hard work, it is the most rewarding adventure imaginable. Too often, we see people jump in front of a parade and call themselves leaders. That is not leadership, it is opportunism. Leadership is about service to those you have the honor of leading.
People from all walks of life display leadership skills without realizing it. No matter if a person collects trash or is the CEO of Megacorp, the ability to be a leader is there; it is just a matter of discovering your inner strength, your inner leader. Change
Getting in touch with your inner leader does sound a little corny, but it is the best way to describe the human leadership instinct. Yes, everyone is capable of being a leader. All that is required is the right circumstances for those traits to bubble to the surface. These are the women and men that believe that we all matter or none of us matter.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of stories about individuals rising to the occasion in time of crisis to lead others to safety or defuse an explosive situation. Countless parents that step up to lead the local PTA just because no one else wants the responsibility.
Are they all great leaders? No, but they can be with the right guidance. The road to leadership is designed to help leaders from all walks of life and all levels of leadership experience. If you are unwilling to learn or unwilling to change, this site is not for you. The road to leadership is about transformation and change. The willingness to learn is the key to change so let’s change together.
Welcome to the pilgrimage on the road to leadership.

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